Proof Brewing Company

Founded in 2012, Proof Brewing Company prides itself on being an industry leader of innovative beers. Proof Brewing Company produces big, bold, flavorful beers and remains committed to true artisanal brewing methods in an evolving industry. We create dozens of unique, award winning beer styles in our production facility and serve them in our tasting room and outdoor beer garden. Proof Brewing Company offers a wide range of pale ales, IPAs, lagers, stouts, sour ales, barrel-aged beers, and more!

Our passion for redefining craft beers can be experienced at our idyllic production facility and beer garden. Proof Brewing Company utilizes a state-of-the-art, 20 barrel, 3 vessel brewhouse. In addition, our 3-barrel pilot brewhouse allows us to develop new, innovative, experimental ales and lagers. Proof Brewing Company is committed to sourcing and utilizing the finest quality ingredients. While relaxing with friends and family in the tasting room or beer garden, you can observe the entire brewing production of our award winning, hand-crafted ales. Experience our passion for the craft with every sip we share with you. Drink fresh, drink local!

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