Duvel Moortgat

Duvel Moortgat’s history is all about respect for tradition and family values. Today, the fourth generation of the Moortgat family watches over the inheritance of its predecessor and founder, Jan-Leonard Moortgat and his sons Albert and Victor. In 1871, Jan-Leonard Moortgat, son of a brewer’s family from Steenhuffel, founds the Duvel Moortgat farm brewery together with his wife Maria De Block. At that time, the newly born brewery is only one of the 4,000 breweries in Belgium around the turn of the century. The start is not exactly easy: Jan-Leonard does some pioneering work during those first years, trying to sell a number of high fermentation beers like Stavelot. With varying success. Thanks to a combination of perseverance, brewer’s passion and craftsmanship, Jan-Leonard Moortgat gradually builds a loyal client base for his high fermentation beers. The middle classes of Brussels also appreciate his beers, and he is able to open a depot in Laken. The start, as it turns out, of a success story that has already lasted for 130 years.

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