Open For Takeout – Bud Light Special Offer (Watch Video)

When bars reopen, the first round’s on us.

We’re making sure that, your can, bottle, or pint of Bud Light is as great tasting as always. That’s why we’ve been replacing any Bud Light that doesn’t meet our freshness standards, at no cost to the restaurant. We can’t wait for that first beer back at the bar. Now, you can be sure it won’t just be the Bud Light you’ve been waiting for. It’ll be Certified Fresh.

How it works:

1. Find restaurants open near you below
2. Order Takeout
3. Upload your receipt here
4. Receive a pre-paid rebate card that you can use for your first Bud Light back at the bar

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To learn more Anheuser-Busch’s initiatives to support bars and restaurants, click here

Enjoy Responsibly & Watch the Video Below


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