Modelo Negra

Modelo Cerveceria Munich Dunkel

In 1925, our Brewmasters set out to create a unique lager with rich flavor and smooth taste. The result was Modelo Negra, a Munich Dunkel-style Lager made with slow-roasted dark malts, brewed longer to enhance the flavors. As a dark beer with a surprisingly light finish, Modelo Negra will defy your expectations of a Mexican beer. Modelo Negra’s rich, smooth taste brings out the flavors of Mexican-inspired dishes as well as many other cuisines. This balanced, easy-drinking beer contains 173 calories, 0 grams of fat, and 5.4% alcohol by volume per 12 ounce serving. Best served chilled.

Style facts

Munich Dunkels feature the dark Munich malt flavor of toasted bread crusts with potential toast, nutty or caramel flavors. Despite being darker beers, they should not contain any harsh roasted grain flavors. Hop bitterness is low.

ABV: 5.40%  IBU: 0  Calories: 162  SRM: 0

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