Golden Road


Image of the inside of a brewery. 8 metal vats are in a U shape, and each vat has a handle.
Originally brewing on a 15 bbl brewhouse, Golden Road was founded to bring fresh craft beer to the LA market. Within a year we were able to expand our barrelage by installing a 50bbl Braukon brewhouse. With capabilities to brew on a larger scale, we were excited at the opportunity to partner with Anheuser-Busch at the end of 2015 to launch national distribution. We continue to channel the innovative spirit of Los Angeles to bring our beers to you!

Image of the inside of a brewery. A metal vat with a handle is in the foreground.
In 2016 Golden Road Orange County opened directly across from Angel Stadium – this R&D brewery, lead by our Brewmaster, Victor Novak houses a state of the art brewing facility, innovation lab, and in 2017 opened a full-service restaurant and outdoor beer garden. The 15bbl system allows our brewers test batch and work on perfecting nearly 80 different recipes annually. In our efforts for sustainability, working in partnership with Revel Energy and ecoSolargy, Inc we integrated over 760 array module solar panels across the brewpub, producing 75 to 80 percent of the total electricity needed at the Anaheim facility.

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