Bury Me Brewing

Bury Me Brewing is a micro-brewery located in the heart of Fort Myers. With one hand on tradition and the other hand on innovation. We craft small batch beer to satisfy a multitude of taste buds. Established in 2015 we are a very unlikely trio, but our differences are one of the things that helps keep us unique. As the “Craft Beer” movement was sweeping across the nation, we looked around our area in SW Florida and saw the need and potential for such a business.

Barry loved a good tasting beer and was never a fan of weak fizzy suds and knew there were many others out there who felt the same. Mee needed a new project to build and understood that the market was growing at a feverish rate. We decided to set forth and establish ourselves. The only thing we needed was a name and a marketable brand. As the gears were turning someone came up with a silly name that stuck. Barry, Me, Brewing! As we laughed and thought how ridiculous it was the thought really struck a chord with us and soon we couldn’t shake the idea that we could really work with a name such as that. And so it began… The beer names starting rolling off our tongues and the concept started to take shape. Today we are constantly producing beer that we and our customers love, and creating a culture that we all enjoy, with just a bit of sarcasm and morbid irony.

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